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.info files MISSING


I'm banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why I can't install this theme. I've tried it three ways:
1. Via FTP into my shared hosting account at HostGator. (It goes into the right place, just doesn't show up. Hostgator tells me the .info files are missing;
2. Onto my MAMP server on my MacBook Pro (this has been a total disaster); and,
3. From the Drupal dashboard in the backend of my website. (I know I shouldn't install this way, but I was hopeful that I would see evidence of WHY it wouldn't install.

When trying to install the Seven theme on my Drupal installation in my Hostgator account, I see the following error message: seven_premium_theme_1_1_22.zip does not contain any .info files.

I've tried to upload this via FTP and I am unable to launch the theme (or even see it as an option.)

On my MAMP server, same issue... it's there but will not allow me to configure.

I love the look of this theme and the fact that it's basically ready to go out of the box. I'm anxious to deploy this on my website, then fully customize the look and feel. But until the .info file issue is resolved, I'm going nowhere fast. Please help!

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Hi there Ken:

Hi there Ken:

I think I know what your issue is.

The Seven theme (and all our themes) come with Drupal included, it is known as an Installation Profile. I assume youre trying to use it as a theme and install it directly on the theme folder. Please follow this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R62ZjkmPnz4 is starts from extracting the same package you have in a MAMP server.

Just sended it to you via mail.


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