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Portfolio Pages

I have renamed the original portfolio pages to products pages.

When you click on the link to access the actual page, the image appears large, and I have been trying to find where to change it.

Please see this link.


I really would like to them to appear as the same size as on the products page.

Please see the link.


Also for some reason all of a sudden the recent products page on the front of the website, are not appearing as Full page, 9 items

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Hi there Jim:

Hi there Jim:

For the first issue, go to Admin -> Structure -> Content Types and select Manage Display/ There you will find a way to set the details for the Image Field, including the Image style.

For the other issue, Edit the Home block and, in the first column, ensure to select the Field Body and set it to use "Plain Text". Then Apply and Save the View. Thing is there is some HTML code that is breaking the home structure.


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First issue. I have managed to change the size of the image when i open a particular product page and this is happening consistently across all product pages.

But i can work out why these 2 pages are different.

http://www.its.com.au/dev/video-door-phones and http://www.its.com.au/dev/digital-network-video-recorders

I want the video recorder page to appear like the video door phone page.

I also keep getting on the home page, under Testimonials a link to a particular page and it cant remove it.

www.its.com.au/dev and then link is 8 CH 720P AHD Digital Video Recorder,

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