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Best Drupal SEO Module

Best Drupal SEO Module

Drupal has a lot of module alternatives, but definitely, there is one that remarks as the most popular one out there: Real-time SEO for Drupal. By far, this is the Best Drupal SEO module you will find, either 7 or 8.

Bootstrap Base theme soon will be the most popular one

All across the Drupal environment, Bootstrap theme is gaining more terrain compared to Zen, the most popular Drupal contrib theme so far. The fact that "Bootstrap framework" is developed in parallel to the actual "theme" is definitely resulting on a great acceptance by the community around the world. https://www.drupal.org/project/usage/bootstrap

Drupal 8 Contrib Modules are moving forward!

The leading Drupal development company Acquia is investing $500K in pushing forward many popular modules to be supported in Drupal 8. Yuhu!!!

You can find the entire article here: https://dev.acquia.com/blog/drupal-8/d8-module-acceleration-program--jan...

Drupal 8 is here and it is just amazing!

As we announced last month (not only we, the entire world was) Drupal 8 was finally launched. And it rocks!

And I won't say too much, just leave here this beautiful image from https://www.drupal.org/8 . Thanks Drupal Community! Thanks Drupal 8!

Drupal 8 will ship soon...

And this will surely be the "New of the Year" for the Drupal Commmunity. By far...

We are getting closer and closer each day, so just try to stay tuned up with the latest news and advices related to the Drupal 8 release in the next few weeks. Just leaving some resources here to share the latest news and advances of D8:

- Drupal 8 Release Date
- Drupal 8 now ships with beta-to-beta updates

Some Interesting Drupal Case Studies

Drupal Case of Studies

The Drupal Association has taken a very good initiative to promote the use of Drupal in their relatively brand new (Drupal 8 based) https://www.drupal.com/ website. The most interesting part of it is a set of Drupal Case Studies where you can read about the experience and impact of leveraging their web solutions over new Drupal solutions. Some of them achieved an incredible 600% increase of visits in a month with great impact in their economical activities such as Fiji Travel. Interesting huh?

Now JobBoard Supports Drupal Commerce Payments

Drupal Job Classifieds with Payment Support

We use to read a lot about our customers feedback, so we have decided to develop a feature that we can say is the #1 across all our "Features Request", so here it is: Payment Support for JobBoard Drupal Theme.

In order to maintain the previous edition, we have now 2 separated JobBoard versions in the same package: JobBoard EXPRESS and JobBoard PREMIUM.

Drupal Developer? Go and get Certified!

Acquia Certification

Drupal is getting more popular each minute and Acquia is one of the biggest companies pushing the community in order to boost it as much as possible into the future. With Drupal as the base of its core Products and Services, Acquia has more than 600 employes and many of them are full time Drupal Core developers.

DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015: The biggest ever

DrupalCon LA 2015, the biggest DrupalCon ever!

In just a few weeks will take place the biggest DrupalCon ever made: DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015. This event is surely the best indicator to show the impact Drupal is having in the world, the community and the future of the most flexible Open Source Content Management System ever built. It will be from May 11th to 15th (Monday to Friday, as usual) and here is the (amazing) official event website https://events.drupal.org/losangeles2015

Understanding xPalladium

Understanding xPalladium Drupal Theme

The purpose of the following article is that you can be able to understand the entire scope of what does xPalladium Drupal Theme is for and a major overview of its conception.

A Real Multipurpose Product

xPalladium is built with an applied "know how" of more than 10 years of Drupal site building and development. Thousands of hours of customer feedback, User Experience testing and Drupal Performance in mind: All in One.